Uploading products

Products allow you to manage inventory, publish them in real-time to your audience, and create engagement using countdown deals.

To create a new product navigate to the product manager or create a new product directly from a session.

There are two ways to create a product, that is without or with variants. Variants are needed if the same product comes in different colors, sizes or shapes.

Creating a product without variants

Name: here you can enter the name of the product that users can see

URL: only populate this if you are NOT using the build-in order flow and you want users to be redirected to your own eCommerce website when they click on the product.

SKU: you can use this optional field to enter your own product code.

Price: this is the sales price of the item.

Compare at price: Optionally you can provide a higher price here that will be struck out on the front end. This symbolized the price before any discount you applied.

Quantity: enter how many pieces you have available. Each new order will deduct from this number and if it reaches 0 the product will be taken offline. Tip, if you have no limit simply put a high number.

Product image: here you can upload a JPG or PNG of the product. This will show as a thumbnail on the web app.

Creating a product with variants

To add a product that has multiple variants you can click "Add Option" under "Variants". This will add a new variant type consisting of a Name, Values pair for you to populate. You can add up to three different variant types.

Name: this is the name of the variant for example Size, Color

Values: the options to choose from such as Large, Medium, Small

Every time you create a variant type the editor will create a new product row that you can populate. Here you can specify the SKU ID, Quantity, Price, and Compare at price.

If you don't need one of the available options, let's say you don't have the Medium-Red T-shirt, simply put 0 as quantity, and the option won't show for purchase.

Need help? Contact our support team or write us at support@fluxpanda.com