Multi-channel live selling

Flux Panda makes it easy to add live selling to your existing e-commerce channels.

Live selling on your e-commerce store, social and apps

With Flux Panda you can host engaging live sales events and broadcast them to your website, mobile app, or social media channels.

Purchasing Products

Customers can purchase products while watching your live sales event. You can also host competitions, lucky draws, countdown deals and more to increase engagement.

Going Live

Your live sessions are recorded and can be viewed by your customers even after the live show for more exposure. You can also upload pre-recorded videos and attach products for purchase.

Go live on multiple channels

With Flux Panda you can go live on many places at the same time. You can add the player to your website, a social media story or stream directly to other platforms.

Adding the live show to your website

You can add the live player to your website and allow customers to browse your site while watching the live show.

Start increasing ecommerce conversions

Get closer to your fans and drive more sales with special, timed or limited offers.