Publishing products

The application allows you to publish products and push them to the viewers of your live event in real-time. While you could simply publish all products you want to present during your live session, we recommend to only show the ones you are currently talking about. This will help you to focus your viewers on the current product and can help you to increase sales.

To publish your product:

  1. Navigate to the respective session and go to the "Live Event Management" tab
  2. Given you have already created a product, you will see it in the list of "Products & Promotions"
  3. Click on the product you want to publish
  4. From the toolbar select "Go Live"
  5. The product will now appear on the web application and your viewers can purchase the product

Take your product offline:

  1. Same as when publishing you can take the product offline by clicking on the product-tile and select "Go offline"

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