Basic configuration

Channel Details

These are the basic settings for your channel such as the name of your channel, your website, or timezone.

Channel Name: This will be the name of your channel and show on the web front end and anywhere else where your channel is promoted. This is typically the name of your business.

Timezone: the timezone of your channel will be used to show dates and time across the application. Imagine your business is located in Germany, and you set your timezone to GMT+01:00 Europe/Berlin. If your co-worker will log-in from Australia, he will see all dates and times based on this timezone. Also, if your colleague creates a new event it will be saved in the timezone of "GMT+01:00 Europe/Berlin" in our example.

Note: the timezone setting will not affect the web front end. Your visitors will see all dates and times converted to their local timezone.

Channel URL: the URL of your website or e-commerce store. We will display this on the web front end when your channel is offline.

Currency: the currency to be displayed when purchasing products. Each channel can only have one currency.

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