Messaging your subscribers

By accessing the admin panel of your channel you can manage your subscribers. 

Subscribers are users that:

  1. Have logged into your application during a live event
  2. Purchased a product
  3. Subscribed to your channel while you were offline

You can unsubscribe a subscriber from the list. By doing so they will not receive any promotional material, including SMS messages from the system.

Subscribers can also unsubscribe themselves, and if they do so, you cannot manually add them back without their consent.

Sending an SMS message to all subscribers

In the subscriber management console in your channel, you can use the "Notify Subscribers" dialog to send an SMS message to all your subscribers.

You can enter up to 160 characters. You can also personalize the message using the name of the subscriber by entering {name} where you want their name to appear. 

For example: 

"Hi {name}, we are about to go live and show you our latest collection! Join us at"

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