Shopify App for Live Stream Selling

Flux Panda is also available as a Shopify Plugin

Quickly embed a live shoppable video on your Shopify store

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Select products to show on livestream


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Allow users to shop without leaving the video

The built-in shopping cart is integrated with your inventory so users can keep on watching your video while buying your products.

Reach more customers

Restream on multiple social platforms at once to reach more customers and drive them to your site to purchase.

Create Shoppable Videos

Record your long live streams or short snippets of videos and upload them to your Shopify site to allow users to buy the products from the video.

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“I ❤️ how easy it is to add products and check out afterwards”
Julian Rauch -
“We ❤️ this live commerce platform because it’s easy to set up and use, and we can have also our own domain :)”
David Morales - Maquillalia
“This live shopping app will ultimately change how social commerce is conducted.”,
Fred Kithinzi -
“For a first time user, this live streaming e-commerce platform is simple and easy to use 💃”
Elaine - Archer
We 💖 FluxPanda! Low latency streaming, easy to share on social media, no app required and very simple and straightforward.
Farhan Yun Hanimi - Bleebluh

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