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Get closer to your fans and drive more sales with special, timed or limited offers.

Flux Panda is the social sales conversion platform that helps sellers build stronger relationships with customers at scale.

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Let's turn your followers into sales

Flux Panda is the only all inclusive solution, that comes with a proven sales methodology.

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Deliver personalized live shopping experiences at scale

Easily sell live across multipleplatforms simultaneously and connect with thousands of customers in real-time.

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Close more sales with one-to-one virtual sales consultations

Capture leads, and convert them into paying customers with instant purchase buttons.

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Analyze your audience and keep them engaged

Gain insights, and discover trends ahead of time to improve future marketing decisions.

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Speak to us LIVE

Use our built-in engagement tools to make live selling more fun.

Launch new collections with drop mode

Drop new products in style with our built-in drop mode feature.

Create shoppable video snippets

Create shoppable video snippets from your live shows.

Automate sales promotions

Increase conversion rates with easy promotions, sent to your shopping community.

Lucky draws, polls and more

Keep your customers engaged during your live selling event with automated lucky draws,

Own the payment, no commissions

Generate highly personalized coupons for your audience.

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Flux Panda is the most comprehensive live selling and virtual retail solution.

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“I ❤️ how easy it is to add products and check out afterwards”
Julian Rauch -
“We ❤️ this live commerce platform because it’s easy to set up and use, and we can have also our own domain :)”
David Morales - Maquillalia
“This live shopping app will ultimately change how social commerce is conducted.”,
Fred Kithinzi -
“For a first time user, this live streaming e-commerce platform is simple and easy to use 💃”
Elaine - Archer
We 💖 FluxPanda! Low latency streaming, easy to share on social media, no app required and very simple and straightforward.
Farhan Yun Hanimi - Bleebluh

Start increasing ecommerce conversions

Get closer to your fans and drive more sales with special, timed or limited offers.

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