LIVE Selling platform THAT WORKs

flux panda makes live-selling a breeze!

Take your customer engagement to the next level and increase your retail or e-commerce revenue.

Take control of your live sales events

Grow your customer base every time you go live. With flux panda, live stream shopping platform, you own your audience and brand.

Small Business

Grow your live sales audience

No additional software required to start selling your products online

Retail & E-Commerce

Already have an e-commerce store?

Add live selling to your e-commerce business with a single line of code.


Grow your online sales audience

flux panda, live commerce platform, captures your audience, encourages referrals, and allows you to stream to multiple channels simultaneously for maximum exposure.

Create more engagement for your live sales event

Increase viewer time and engagement using flux panda gamification tools. Your customers earn points for referrals, participation and sharing your events.

Automatically capture customer details

Don’t miss another sale. All customer details are captured and we manage your inventory while you can focus on the selling.

Own your channel and your customers

flux panda allows you to create your own livestream eCommerce channel that you can embed on your website or online store. You can then stream to your website, but also to social networks like Facebook or YouTube at the same time to reach more customers.

live stream shopping platform interface flux panda

Stay in control of your customers and inventory

While you are live video selling, we capture buyer details and manage incoming orders.

This way you don’t miss a sale, maximize your inventory and you can build a sales funnel beyond your live sales event to increase your conversions.

How it works

scheduling live sales event Flux Panda

Plan your event

Set a time to go live, upload your products and inventory, and use our easy streaming configuration to go live directly from your web browser. No additional software required.

promoting live sales event

Promote your live selling event

Use the built-in SMS engine to invite your customers and post your stream on social media channels. You can optionally stream your event simultaneously to Facebook and YouTube Live.

hosting live sales event Flux Panda

Host your live sales event

No matter if you are working alone or as a team, flux panda, live sales platform helps you manage your online store by taking orders, tracking your inventory, and engaging your audience.

Start increasing e-commerce conversions

Try flux panda for free and take your live sales events to the next level.

live shopping app flux panda