Flux Panda features

Promote, manage and run your live sales events with ease. Flux Panda has all the features you need to grow your e-commerce revenue.

Live selling on your e-commerce store, social and apps

With Flux Panda you can host engaging live sales events and broadcast them to your website, mobile app, or social media channels.

Purchasing Products

Customers can purchase products while watching your live sales event. You can also host competitions, lucky draws, countdown deals and more to increase engagement.

Go live on multiple channels

With Flux Panda you can go live on many places at the same time. You can add the player to your website, a social media story or stream directly to other platforms.

Uninterrupted video viewing

Your website visitors can continue browsing your site while the video keeps playing. No more drop offs, and more engagement.

Share anywhere

Your videos can be shared on social media, email, chats and more. The best part, our technology ensures a seamless transition back to your e-commerce store.

Deliver video at the perfect time

Enhance product pages with accompanying videos. Change the playlist in real-time to increase engagement and conversions.

Easy integration

The Flux Panda Embedded SDK makes adding shoppable videos easy, and you can customize the experience based on your needs.

Automated Live Selling Moderation

Flux Panda allows your chat agents and bots to directly interact with the audience. Process keywords, send direct responses, offer discounts, block users or modify the content of the live show in real-time.

Push promotions for your live sales events

Push live shows to your audience via chatbots, emails, and messaging.

Customer segmentation

Enrich customer data or use existing segments to increase live selling conversions.

Enrich your customer data

Merge, enrich, and collect customer data directly from your live show attendees.

Private Sessions (1on1 live selling)

Turn live show attendees to private sales calls and increase your conversion rates.

Special Offers & Promotions

Send customized offers and promotions to your customers in real-time.

Dynamic Video Content

Offer on-demand video content to your audience to increase conversions. Deliver video based on their browsing behavior, interactions and interests.

Drop new styles with influencers

A single sales channel for all your influencers and key opinion leaders. Manage inventory and get orders directly on your e-store.

Sell fashion directly on social media

Turn your social media channels into a direct sales channel. Engage with customers in real-time - plugs into any social network.

Annotate your lookbook video

Enhance product pages with accompanying videos. Change the playlist in real-time to increase engagement and conversions.

Virtual style shows

Drop your new collection live to customers. Let them purchase directly from the livestream fashion videos.

Personal stylist

Let customers visit your live clothing store directly from your website.

End-to-end live selling solution

Flux Panda is the only solution in the market that allows you to go live without any complex integration requirements.

If you have an existing e-commerce store you can install Flux Panda by copy-pasting a few lines of JavaScript code to your web page.

And for our small business friends, we have a ready-to-use e-commerce engine built into our system.

Subscriber management

Capture customer information, enrich data using UTM campaign parameters, and stay in control of your customer relationship.

Flux Panda allows you to manage your customers and channel subscribers with ease. You can export, unsubscribe and notify your subscribers all from our dashboard.

Live show player

You can add the live player to your website and allow customers to browse your site while watching the live show.

Integrations and add-ons

Extend the functionalities of Flux Panda based on your individual needs with our integrations and add-ons. We have a wide range of existing add-ons including payment gateways, engagement tools, and enterprise features.

Social restreaming and simulcasting

Our platform allows you to stream your live video to your websites, apps, and other streaming platforms simultaneously, reaching even more customers during your live event.

Webcam or OBS support

Flux Panda supports streaming directly from your mobile phone, your webcam, or using professional streaming software such as OBS or restream.io.

Built-in shopping cart

Allow customers to add products to the built-in shopping cart, checkout without leaving the live event, all this, using your payment gateway!

Optionally you can transfer the content of the cart to your existing e-commerce store. Our embedded SDK supports all major e-commerce platforms.

Engage customers with ready to use apps

Lucky draws, countdown deals, and chat are readily available to engage with your customers in real-time. You can further customize your live experience using add-ons, adding more functionality to your events.

Recorded sessions and video upload

Upload your live recordings, promo videos, or product demos and allow customers to buy products directly from the video.


Our reporting engine sends you automated reports, readily narrated into human language about the performance of your live channel.

Capture leads

With Flux Panda you capture leads and grow your customer database every time you go live. Customers have to sign-up to chat, buy, or participate in the various engagement tools.

Using our solution you own your customer relationship and don't hand it off to social networks or marketplaces.

Our customers see double-digit growth rates with each live show.

Live streaming dashboard

Go live from your mobile phone or desktop computer using our live streaming dashboard. The dashboard allows you to preview your live session, publish products, moderate the chat and publish engagement apps such as lucky draws.


Our live player and the admin dashboard are localized to match your users' language preferences. This makes it easy for you to engage with customers all over the world.

Flux Panda also localizes certain aspects of the application based on your shipping countries, providing your customers with the best user experience.

Product management

Manage products directly in our system or import them using CSV files or API requests. Our product manager allows you to update all product details such as price, description, or inventory in real-time.

Real-time updates allow you to push product changes to up to one million connected viewers within milliseconds.

Order management

If you do not have an existing e-commerce store, you can receive orders directly using our order management module.

View orders, track transactions or set fulfillment statuses, and even print shipping labels (coming soon).