Offer Live Selling Management as a Service

Create Long-Lasting Client Engagement with Shopping Parties

Live Selling with Flux Panda can give your clients a chance to own and continuously grow a directly measurable social sales channel.

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Why Offer Live Selling Management as a Service?

Prove the effectiveness of social campaigns & influencer marketing

Continuously manage and grow client’s channel

Create a new & steady revenue stream from client fees and commission

Why Brands Love Flux Panda?

They own their social selling channel

Brands can either use a custom domain where the live video will be streamed or embed the player on their eCommerce site or app

They can access customer data for marketing purposes

Merchants can remarket and continue to grow their channel subscribers using data collected from subscription and purchases

They control the traffic going to the channel

Since the own the platform, they can run ads that specifically target qualified viewers and buyers

They’re not limited to a single platform

Flux Panda allows for restreaming on multiple channels at once so brands can reach more customers and don’t have to worry if  a channel is not available

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