Integrations and add-ons

Extend the functionality with apps and integrations to get the most out of your live selling workflow.

Mobile SDK

Add Flux Panda to your mobile application using our SDK. This add-on allows your app users to watch live videos while using your app.

Shopify Plugin

Shopify App for Live Stream Selling. Flux Panda is also available as a Shopify Plugin. Quickly embed a live shoppable video on your Shopify store.


Receive notifications, such as when a new subscriber signs up, an order is placed or the product inventory is updated (requires variants to have SKU) to your existing systems via our webhooks API.

Telr Payments

Accept Payments with Telr Payment Gateway.

Stripe Payments

Connect your Stripe account and receive payments directly from Flux Panda. Stripe is supported in over 45 countries and allows you to link your existing bank account and receive payments.

PayPal Payments

Accept PayPal payments on your channel from over 200 countries. Simply connect your PayPal business account and start receiving payments.

Email Magic Link

Allow your subscribers to log in using their email addresses. When they sign up a magic link is sent to their email address for an easy login experience.

Embedded SDK

Embed the FluxPanda video player into your website using a few lines of code. Works with all major shopping carts. Your website visitors can browse your website and enjoy uninterrupted video playback.

Custom HTML snippets

Allows you to add custom HTML code to the <head> and before the end of the <body> HTML tags. You can use this to add your tracking pixels.

Custom domain

Allows you to define a custom domain through which your users can access your channel. You will also be able to send emails, such as order confirmations from your domain name.

Coupon generator

Engage customers with coupons during your live event. Coupons can be generated from your existing e-commerce store using our API.

API Access

Access FluxPanda via our REST API service. Use this integration to realize complex workflows such as inventory management and more.