Hosting your first live sales event

June 10, 2022

Live sales events are a great way to reach new customers, create engagement and of course sell your products.

How it works:

  • Your live video is broadcasted to your Flux live sales platform store, and the social media channels you choose. This way you can reach customers on multiple platforms at the same time.
  • While live you can react to comments and questions about your product, this creates a high level of engagement
  • You can use urgency, and scarcity to sell more products. With Flux you can do this by adding countdown deals, have limited inventory or create lucky draws

Hosting the perfect live event is a simple four step approach, where you:

  1. Promote your upcoming event
  2. Final preparation before you go live
  3. While you are live video selling
  4. Amplify your reach after the event

We have prepared a guide on each step which you can follow to get started.

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