Amplify your reach after your live sales event

January 13, 2021

While live sales events help you to reach new customers while broadcasting your stream, you also create content that you can use after the event to reach even more customers.

The easiest way to leverage this is by publishing your recorded live session on social media pages, and linking back to your Flux Panda page where they can purchase your products.

Facebook and Youtube live videos are automatically saved on your page. You can update the description of your video and link to informing your viewers to buy products from there.

For Instagram, you can do the same by going to your archive and following the instructions here.

Advertise your recorded video

If you have remaining stocks in your inventory of the items you showed in the livestream, you can promote the video again using Facebook Ads.

Instead of just boosting the post, you can now use Facebook Ads manager to have more granular targeting options.

Also, consider creating more social media posts that promote the recording on your Flux Panda page across multiple platforms. This will not only lead to more sales, but also grow your subscriber base if users sign up for your Flux channel.

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