Promote your upcoming live sales event

June 10, 2022

Scheduling your next live commerce event

While you can go live at any time, we recommend promoting your next live stream event in advance, to ensure that more people will join.

Planning your event also helps you to:

  1. Prepare a script or storyboard, of the items you want to demonstrate
  2. Organize your setup and surroundings
  3. Upload products, assign SKUs and pricing before you go live
  4. Plan how you will create engagement during the event using competitions or countdown deals

Create a series of promotional social media posts and stories

The social media posts should announce the date, time, and possibly mention the items you will be selling during the live stream

Maybe you have a new collection or a special product that will entice people to tune in.

Also, think about what additional content could excite people to watch your stream. Maybe a special guest, a tutorial on how to do something with your products, or any other content that is relevant to your audience and products.

Make sure to highlight any promotions, contests, or discounts you will be running to attract your audience.

Don't forget to add a link to your Flux Panda page so interested people can sign up to be notified once you go live.

Ask the host, partners, and participants to repost your promo posts

If you are partnering with another organization or an influencer, ask them to repost the promotional posts on their stories.

Make sure to tag them in the Instagram stories so it’s easier for them to repost the story.

Boost posts and stories

Advertise or boost your posts and stories about your upcoming live sales event.

Follow the guides and best practices:

Boost your Facebook Live

Facebook allows you to “boost” a Live video. To boost your live video you have to be already broadcasting, so you have to do this at the start of your live session. To boost simply click the Boost Post button under the live video post on your Facebook page and follow the usual steps in boosting Facebook posts.

Keep in mind you have to be live and use our Facebook live restreaming feature to boost the post. So be prepared and maybe get some help from a colleague.

Send an email blast

If you have an existing list of emails from customers, send an announcement a day, a few hours before, and when you go live.

Live sales events are spontaneous action, so keep in mind that the reminders you send just before the event are the most important ones.

Send an SMS to your Flux Panda subscribers

With Flux Panda live selling app you can send SMS notifications to all the subscribers of your channel.

Subscribers are people that have signed-up on your landing page, sent chat messages or purchased products from you via Flux in the past.

How to get more subscribers

When your channel is offline, we will display a landing page that shows the date of your next live sales event. Visitors can sign up for your channel and once you go live you can send them a SMS message.

You can also entice viewers to subscribe to your Flux Panda page by holding give away competitions, lucky draws or asking them questions so they sign up to chat.

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