Final preparations before you go live

January 18, 2022

The time has come and you are ready to go live. But before you press the start button consider some of the following points:

  1. You have uploaded the products you want to sell to your live session
  2. You’ve setup your space, ideally some good lighting and no noise or a microphone
  3. Configured your social media platforms to broadcast your stream for maximum exposure

Let’s look at each step in more detail.

Uploading your products

Uploading products is simple and quickly done using your mobile device or desktop. We have prepared a detailed guide on how to upload and configure your products here.

Setup your environment

Some good light and sound can make your live video look more professional and keep your audience watching. Consider using “selfie ring lights” or a “lavalier lapel microphone” for your mobile.

Prepare the products you want to showcase and have them ready and nearby.

You also want to test your scene and see how it appears to your audience:

  1. Are you too close or too far away from the camera?
  2. Are important parts of your scene cropped

You can do this either by using the preview on the Flux Panda shoppable video platform, or go live for a test run and check the result on your own channel page.

Setup your social media channels to broadcast your live stream

Flux Panda allows you to broadcast your live stream selling to multiple social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and your Flux Panda page - simultaneously.

Remember, your customers will purchase products using the checkout flow on your Flux Panda page. This is why you have to direct your customers from the social media stream, to your Flux Panda page so they can purchase. 

On your Flux Panda page, they can continue watching, buy products, chat and see all your other content. In addition they can join your customer database by subscribing to your page.

The best way to inform your social media audience where to buy, is by creating a comment with the link to your Flux Panda channel once you are live. 

You can pin it, so it always stays visible even when new people join your stream.

This can be done on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

How to do it: once you are live on these channels, simply navigate to the chat, and post a comment such as: “To buy please visit” and pin the comment.

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