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GoLIVE agency was founded in 2021 by Lars Holmen, Mads Dyrvig & Kim Olsen. Three Danish guys of origin. Over the last 2 decades they have worked across borders with focus on start-ups in Germany & UK, and of course Denmark. Based on their background within retail and online sales and marketing, it was naturally for them to join the new sales and marketing channel, LIVE selling.



LIVE Selling is taken the world by storm. It´s the modern version of “TV-SHOP” added integrated shopping experiences, engagement & interactive features.

LIVE Selling blend entertainment with instant purchasing, and offers retailers, brands, and digital platforms a new sales and marketing channel with enormous scope for creating value.

GoLive agency can help you and your business getting started with LIVE selling. We have all the tools, experiences, and know-how to make a successful implementation. In fact we safely guide you all the way and more than that, we add value to your LIVE and make them attractive, inspiring and sales focused.


We bring your digital presence to a new level

The success of LIVE Selling depends on the effort invested in before, during and after the live event. Therefore, a targeted advertising strategy is one of the keys to generate extraordinary sales. OPVÆKST is an experienced performance-driven marketing agency that specializes in paid social & paid search. In cooperation with GoLIVE & OPVÆKST, we tailor your digital presence to fit your needs and ensure that you achieve the best possible results with LIVE selling.

We increase your follower reach with performance-based influence marketing

Looking for new customers to join the next LIVE? In cooperation with OPVÆKST we offer an attractive solution adding influencers to any LIVE – Don’t miss this unique opportunity to gain new followers and customers.

We implement the best LIVE Selling software in the market

In cooperation with Flux Panda we offer you the best in market LIVE Selling software and the best part of it, we take care of a successful implementation.

We support you in how to advertise and promote LIVE Selling on all digital channels

Use all digital channels to promote the next LIVE Selling event. GoLIVE support you in how to promote by using:

- Social media graphics

- LIVE video teaser

- Cool & simple customer mails

- Countdown on your website

- Encouraging all your followers on SoMe to sign up for the next LIVE-event

- Visibility on your web page

We match your LIVE with an appropriated Location

The location and setup for your LIVE can have a massive effect on the end-result. GoLIVE support you in the selection of the best possible location.

We create storyboard with appealing content

GoLIVE support you in creating the storyboard and content for your LIVE. Creating the content and how you build up your LIVE is the key to success. We have the killer formula waiting for you!

We make your LIVE become trustworthy & convincing

How to make your LIVE trustworthy & convincing for the viewers? We make one2one training, so you will be confident and will appear trustworthy and convincing on the LIVE. It´s all about preparation and training.

We insist on creating addictive shopping experiences with engagement

Urgency, low quantity, competition, and inclusion are a killer formula for an addictive shopping experience and LIVE Selling possess them all. GoLIVE make them a consistent part of your LIVE strategy for more engagement, more return shoppers, and boosted revenue.

We improve your LIVE aftersales and awareness

Once the live is finished, you MUST upload the LIVE event on your website and SoMe, allowing your customers to revisit, chat & shop whenever they would like and don’t forget to promote the event on SoMe and via mail to all you customers. GoLIVE support you all the way.

GoLive Agency
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