While you are live: running the perfect live sales event

June 10, 2022

Hosting a live event is not about having a perfect production, but showcasing your products in an authentic way and interacting with your audience naturally. We have prepared a couple of tips for you to get started, and provided some tools to make your live event more engaging.

Don’t forget the warm up phase

When you go live, it can take time for people to join, people will come and go, so give it some time before you start presenting and let your audience ease in.

But also, don’t make people wait, so think about what you can do to keep them entertained.

Live commerce is not about perfect productions, but authentic interaction with your customers.

Ask viewers to share the live video while you are live

You can incentivize them based on the number of shares or people they tag in the video.

Create urgency using countdown deals

With Flux Panda, live stream shopping platform, you can attach a countdown to a product. Once the countdown has finished the product will be removed from the list and no longer be available for purchase. 

This is a great way for you to push a special offer, or a limited time discount.

Lucky draws

To keep people watching you can use our lucky draw feature. You can schedule a lucky draw that will run from 5-20 minutes. People will have to provide their name and phone number to participate and you can ask them to keep watching to be eligible to win.

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