How to use video commerce to increase sales

June 10, 2022

With Flux Panda you showcase and sell your products through videos. Videos can be recorded or broadcasted live to your customers to watch, chat and buy.

There are no rules and the possibilities are endless:

  • Create short clips to showcase your products
  • Go live in your retail store and showcase your latest collection
  • Demonstrate how your product works
  • Create tutorials on how to best use your product
  • Show the making-of your product
  • Host an interview or invite an influencer

There are two types of videos you can create:

Recorded Sessions

Here you can upload a video from your phone, add products to a collection and publish the recording to your Flux store, so that your customers can watch and buy. Recorded sessions are available at all times, and are a great way to sell your products while you are not live.

Live Sessions

Live sessions are broadcasted in realtime to your Flux store, but also your social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more. Live sessions are great to promote your brand, reach new customers and engage with your audience.

We recommend you start using Flux Panda live commerce platform by creating your first recorded session. Watch this quick video on how it works.

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