Using Facebook Live for Your Marketing Strategy [Guide]

June 10, 2022
Jomel Alos

What is Facebook Live Marketing?

Facebook Live marketing is the use of the social media platform's livestreaming feature to reach and market to a brand’s existing followers. The livestreaming feature was launched in 2016. Anyone with a Facebook account can broadcast live directly from their timeline or a specific group or page, on mobile or desktop, for the public or select audience.

With Facebook having such an extensive user base, both individuals and groups can benefit from Live, eventually making this feature a vital tool for businesses looking to expand their marketing efforts.

Facebook Live by the Numbers

Benefits of Using Facebook Live Marketing

A well-thought-out Facebook Live marketing strategy can help your brand reap the following advantages.

Facebook Live Poll

Ease of use and familiarity

Brands have been on Facebook for years now. In 2021, 200 million small businesses around the world have been found to use Facebook tools. Even if some companies do not, the individuals behind them surely have used social media for their benefit. 

Therefore, it's easy to assume that most people are familiar with its interface and use, so going live should be easy. Nevertheless, it still helps to learn the basics and technical aspects of livestreaming.

Another aspect that makes Facebook Live a simple marketing endeavor is its availability on mobile. On-the-go streams can help you produce content even with a minimal budget, with some brands using this as a chance to stream behind-the-scenes of their day-to-day.

More cost-effective than edited videos

Livestreaming, in general, is cost-effective. Aside from signing up for free on Facebook and enjoying its services, it's relatively cheap to go live and with substantial returns, to boot. If you want to spend on equipment and software for full production, it's all up to you, but a mobile device or a desktop or laptop with a webcam will suffice.

Another reason why it's inexpensive is that the videos don't need retakes or edits to make them look professional. Being quick and casual is part of what makes a live video enticing, though you still need to follow your brand's guidelines, as well as Facebook's, regarding live videos.

With the engagement and real-time interaction that can help boost sales, build relationships, and extend online reach, marketing through Facebook Live gives value for your money.

High engagement

Through comments and reactions, and the ability to respond to them in the moment, you get to reach and interact with your audience through Facebook Live.

In 2017, Scott Ayres of Social Media Lab tested different product presentations to around 4,300 Facebook users to see which one will do best. Ayres found that Facebook Live generates 35% more engagement than regular videos.

Facebook Live generates 35% more engagement than regular videos

High engagement leads to a meaningful relationship with your customers, not to mention, this is prioritized in Facebook's algorithm. You need to post content that sparks discussions if you want to be seen.

Humanizes your brand

Now more than ever, companies care about their image. For instance, customers prefer to support brands they believe in, making corporate responsibility significant. In line with this is the human side of the business, or letting customers see the people behind the products. It creates a more authentic image of your company, increasing trust among your clientele.

As mentioned, the unedited nature of Facebook Live is part of its charm. The short instances of spontaneity and minor fumbles are more charming than embarrassing in some cases. There is still a place for professionally shot sessions, especially when you want your products to look good, but a script, rehearsal, or planned flow isn't a guarantee that mistakes won't happen.

Builds a community

Marketing has always been about drawing people in, but with Facebook Live, you go to where they are. Everyone is basically on the platform—including your prospects and customers—with different groups for various interests.

Facebook Live means taking your message and exciting information in real-time to potential customers when they have their guards down, giving you a chance to start a community for your brand.

Broadcast live events

In-person events of all kinds have been stifled due to the global pandemic, but thanks to the internet, you still get to hold marketing events, whether it's webinars or presentations.

Through live social videos, you can extend your events' reach beyond the people in the room. Your event can even show up on more news feeds for greater reach by being highly engaged with your attendees.

With Facebook being a broad platform for diverse types of content, you can broadcast almost all kinds of events live here. It also allows you to go live on specific Facebook groups relevant to your event's subject and industry, especially if you have already curated groups for your brand.

Drives traffic to your website

It's essential to hook your viewers to your Facebook Live and engage with them so that they will come back for more. And when they do, you need to be able to drive them to your business page. An effective Facebook Live marketing boosts traffic to your website, where you can eventually convert your audience.

Great for instant feedback collection

Through Facebook Live, not only do you get real-time engagement but also real-time feedback from your audience. This is especially beneficial if you have new ideas for products, services, or features that you want to test out first. Aside from having them give their instant reactions, you can also boost excitement as they eagerly await your new releases.

You can collect data through polls or questionnaires during the live session. In addition, you can integrate relevant industry news and ask your viewers to get the discussion going. Even after the livestream, you have responses on social media to collect feedback from.

How to Go Live on Facebook

If the numbers and advantages have convinced you, then it’s time for you to go live. Here’s how you can do it on mobile.\

Facebook Live dashboard
  1. Open the Facebook app.
  2. Below the status update bar on the left corner, click the Live button.
  3. Facebook will ask for permission to access your device’s microphone and camera; grant it to proceed.
  4. On the top left corner, change your audience to Public.
  5. Add a description, tag other profiles, and put a location to your live video. You can also add an activity and filters or effects.
  6. Once ready, click Start Live Video.
  7. Click Finish on the bottom right corner to end your livestream. The video will then be posted on your timeline automatically.

If you want your Facebook Live to be professionally produced or just want to do it on a desktop or laptop, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it, as well as the tools and software needed. 

How Businesses Use Facebook Live

Much like how a regular TV broadcast has a lot of things lined up, companies can use livestreams in different ways to bolster their marketing efforts. Here's how businesses use Facebook Live.

Product launch

Pre-pandemic, product launches were exclusive, with only the press and VIPs invited. While it is still generally that way today, some industries have started livestreaming launches for their customers to give them a VIP experience of their own.

Consider using Facebook Live to create buzz; promote the launch days in advance. Show off the new product, what it can do, and how it can help better your viewers' lives. Have a short Q&A so they can ask for more information about the product and for you to get their feedback. Product launch livestreams can bring huge numbers to your brand.

Chevrolet, during CES 2016, went on Facebook Live to launch their 2017 Bolt EV.

Facebook Live Chevrolet product launch

Product demos

You don't always need something new to show off your products. You can do live demonstrations of the usage and effectiveness of your current line-up. Inspire your followers to use it differently and draw in those on the consideration stage. In this example, Barilla invited celebrity chef David Rocco to share pasta recipes.

Facebook Live Barilla Product Demo


Facebook Live can serve as your usual platform to promote products, services, and any special deals to boost sales. Demonstrate the products and their benefits. Redirect the viewers to where they can purchase if you currently have deals for them.

Facebook Live Ikea Promotion

Another simple way that creates a sense of urgency and excitement is to go live with a countdown and a link to the page where consumers can avail of the deals. Ikea's Host-a-Thon is a clever example of promoting products through Facebook Live. Here, the actors showcased 100 holiday items and tips in 100 minutes.

Live commerce

Live selling or live commerce is when brands show patrons and prospects their offerings and how they work, prices, other details, and purchasing and shipping processes through a livestream. You can also choose to have exclusive discounts or deals for viewers during the live session so they are more inclined to watch and buy.

Since Facebook is a widely-used platform for different demographics, businesses can open their products or services to a broad audience or anybody with a device. Live selling has also been beneficial in letting customers shop for products without leaving the safety of their homes.

Facebook Live Commerce Shopping Petco

Petco held a fashion show through Facebook Live featuring seven adoptable dogs wearing their brands YOULY and Reddy to boost sales. The event also utilized Facebook's live shopping feature—the brand pinned the items worn in the fashion show and viewers could click and purchase them via Petco's website and Facebook or Instagram.

With a more advanced live streaming ecommerce platform like Flux Panda, users can buy products without leaving the video.

Expert interviews and Q&A

Both expert interviews and Q&As feature someone knowledgeable about the topic to answer the questions from the followers and host if there is one. You can choose to have two or more people discuss the subject at hand.

For both, it's essential to make a post in advance to promote the stream and collect questions from followers to answer during the event. For added engagement, allow questions from viewers during the Facebook Live.

Live interviews or Q&As can be effective if you have an existing base on Facebook who regularly engages with your brand. Being live adds a layer of authenticity that earns the viewers' trust.

Facebook Live Sephora Q&A

Beauty brand Sephora hosts live sessions with skincare and makeup experts to answer their followers' questions.

Behind the scenes

If you want to humanize your brand, a behind-the-scenes livestream is the way to go. This is especially beneficial for those with a storefront to showcase it to customers who are maybe too far from its location.

However, any brand can conduct a live tour of their office not just to see the place but also introduce the people who make it possible and a bit of your production process. You can even show exclusive content or details about your current or upcoming events.

Facebook Live Callaway Golf Behind the scenes

A behind-the-scenes look educates prospects and customers alike about your brand. It also has a chance to appear high on a user's Facebook feed. In one live broadcast of Callaway Golf, followers were treated to an office tour of one of golf's greatest icons, Arnold Palmer.

Webinars, classes, or tutorials

One of the common uses of the internet in recent years is learning. In a way, Facebook Live marketing contributes to this through informative videos. You can improve and provide better value through webinars or online classes with a topic relevant to your industry. Even something simple like a tutorial can already do the trick.

Facebook Live Benefit Cosmetics tutorial

Trigger higher engagement and plan your next Facebook Live teaching session by getting the viewers' questions, comments, and feedback during the stream. Benefit Cosmetics regularly does live makeup tutorials using their products.

Games or contests

People will never miss a chance to win or get something for free, making games and contests an ever-effective marketing tactic. For Facebook Live, the main advantage is the real-time format that makes your deal time-limited by the length of the stream. This allows your involvement and engagement rates to increase.

Your viewers can answer the question or participate through comments, and the one who gets the correct answers wins the prize or a giveaway. Or, you can simply use a randomizer software to pick the winner among your livestream audience.

Facebook Live Baby Destination Game

In this example, Baby Destination utilizes Facebook Live and regularly engages with their audience with a live quiz show, helping increase a post’s engagement to almost 20,000.

How to Do Facebook Live Marketing

Improve your Facebook Live marketing strategy by keeping the following recommendations in mind.

Promote in advance

Sharing the word about your live stream is as important as setting a schedule. If you have planned where and when to do Facebook Live, you should also plan where and how to promote it. Of course, aside from Facebook, you can cross-promote to other platforms to reach the audience outside. Build anticipation and give them something to look forward to.

Plan a general flow

Facebook Live broadcasts are no different from live TV in that unplanned and spontaneous moments can be memorable, but they should still follow a program. A general flow helps you achieve your stream's objectives. Keep in mind who your audience is and what message you want to convey.

In a nutshell, you need a strong start to grab the viewers' attention and develop a connection. People may not join in immediately, so you need to wait a while before getting to your main message. It's also important to check in with them frequently, encourage participation, and reintroduce the topic throughout the broadcast.

Just as you did in the beginning, finish strong with your CTA. Summarize your points and let the audience know their next steps.

Get a personable presenter or an influencer

Make sure that the face that your livestream will be known for is someone you want to be associated with. More than having the talent to host, the presenter should also have knowledge about your brand and offerings. An influencer is an excellent choice since you already have a captive audience in their followers, but they still must pass the mentioned requirements.

Provide value to viewers

What is your broadcast offering different from your competitors—or even your previous sessions? Whatever type of Facebook Live you want to do, make sure that your followers get something out of it—new learnings, something to expect from your brand, or freebies and exclusive deals.

Engage with and excite your audience, so they stay until the end

Why is Facebook Live marketing effective? It's been established that engagement has a lot to do with it, increasing your stream's relevancy score and allowing it to appear high on users' feeds. So, you must constantly encourage and respond to questions and feedback, especially in real-time.

While you're at it, give your watchers something to look forward to. May it be an exclusive deal or a chance to win, make them stick around until the end.

Measure performance

If you're planning to make Facebook Live marketing a mainstay in your efforts, you need to improve on it constantly. One way to do so is to look at the numbers through Facebook Business Manager analytics.

While the data is not immediately available, the tool allows you to see your stream's number of viewers and its reach, click rate, audience retention, and engagement. You can even go more specific; for instance, learn which parts saw a peak in comments and reactions or where the audience exited the stream.

Identify what resonated with your viewers to establish the best practices that you can apply on your next Facebook Live.

Go Live for the World to See

When it comes to spreading the word about your business, Facebook is still the one to beat. With every new feature and update to its services, being on one of the leading social media platforms reaps countless benefits for you.

Facebook Live marketing will continue to be a viable strategy for brands looking to make a mark through digital marketing. Use the tips and best practices mentioned above to your advantage and broadcast live today.

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