Shoppable videos for your e-commerce store

Take video content to the next level

With Flux Panda you create shoppable videos, host them on your e-commerce store and share them with customers.

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Uninterrupted video viewing

Your website visitors can continue browsing your site while the video keeps playing. No more drop offs, and more engagement.

Share anywhere

Your videos can be shared on social media, email, chats and more. The best part, our technology ensures a seamless transition back to your e-commerce store.

Deliver video at the perfect time

Enhance product pages with accompanying videos. Change the playlist in real-time to increase engagement and conversions.

Easy integration

The Flux Panda Embedded SDK makes adding shoppable videos easy, and you can customize the experience based on your needs.

Start increasing ecommerce conversions

Get closer to your fans and drive more sales with special, timed or limited offers.