Paypal Payments

To setup Paypal Payments please follow the following steps

  1. Login to the Flux Panda admin panel and click on add-ons from the main navigation
  2. Install the PayPal add-on
  3. Go to, login to your account and click on "Tools -> Business Setup"
  4. You should see an option to "Set up payments", select this option
  5. In the next screen select "Get your API credentials" under the "Using an ecommerce solution?" section
  6. Copy the Client ID and paste it into the Paypal add-on settings (you don't need the secret key)

You can now use Paypal to receive payments.

Please note: you cannot sell products that are of ZERO (value), and you must ensure that your store uses one of the supported currencies listed on the Paypal add-on settings screen

Need help? Contact our support team or write us at