Flux Panda - GDPR

Flux Panda is a Data Processor under the rules of the GDPR and we have taken the following measures to be GDPR compliant.

  1. We have trained our team on GDPR privacy requirements as data processor, and appointed a team member to handle all enquiries acting as our DPO which can be reached under privacy@fluxpanda.com 
  2. We provide the tools required for Data Controller (you, as the operator of the Flux Panda channel) to manage the personal data, including, exporting, deleting, updating and anonymization
  3. We store all personal data encrypted in the Google Cloud region (europe-west), more information available here https://cloud.google.com/security/gdpr
  4. Flux Panda is using Google Cloud Services and automatically encrypts all data before it is written to disk. The data is automatically and transparently decrypted when read by an authorized user.
  5. To protect your data as it travels over the Internet during read and write operations, we use Transport Layer Security (TLS).
  6. Our Small business customers will be able to use a standard Privacy Policy template, informing their customers on how their data will be processed in conjunction with selling via our platform
  7. Enterprise customers may provide their own Privacy Policy and are responsible for adequately informing, tracking and maintaining the data they collect via our platform
  8. Cookie consent add-on can be used to have people opt-in to accept cookies before executing any code that sets cookies.
  9. When embedding our player on your website using our embed SDK, you have to update your privacy policy accordingly.

When you are signing up for a Flux Panda account you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, including our Data Processing Agreement https://www.fluxpanda.com/legal/data-processing-addendum

Need help? Contact our support team or write us at support@fluxpanda.com