E-Commerce Website Integration

Flux Panda supports various checkout configurations to provide you with the most flexibility when integrating the Flux Panda player in your e-commerce workflow.

Remember, with Flux Panda you can go live from all your digital channels at the same time. This includes your website, mobile apps, sending out emails with a link, sharing the player online, promoting it via ads, or including it in your social media stories. Hence, a smooth checkout experience is important to increase your conversion rate.

With Flux Panda you can choose between two options on how your customers can checkout:

  1. In-Player Checkout, where the user will never leave the live video
  2. Your Existing Shopping Cart (requires you to have an e-commerce store)

Let's look at each option in more detail.

In-Player Checkout

When using our built-in checkout flow, customers will complete the entire checkout process inside the player itself, never having to leave the player.

Customers will add items to the cart, pay, and confirm their orders using a seamless experience.

Setup steps:

  1. Turn-off "External checkout" under channel settings
  2. Go to add-ons and enable a payment gateway

We have support for Stripe, Paypal, and Telr, but can add other payment gateways upon request.

All orders will be collected in our system. You can then export the orders or import them via direct integration to your order management system. 

Please contact us for more information on importing orders to your existing system.

External Checkout

Here your customers are adding items to the cart inside the Flux Panda player, but when they click on "checkout", they will be redirected to your existing e-commerce website.

Our embed SDK or a custom script will populate the shopping cart on your e-commerce store, and the customer can complete the checkout process using your existing shopping cart.

The redirect URL you specify will receive all shopping cart information as a JSON document using HTTP POST or GET. This data can then be used by the script on your website to populate your existing shopping cart.

Note: when using HTTP GET we will limit the cart content to SKU/product ID and Quantity.

Please watch this video that explains the concept in more detail.

Creating the script to populate your cart

There are two options for you to transfer the items from our cart to your shopping cart:

  1. Building your own script to populate your shopping cart

You may choose to build your own script that will take our JSON payload and populate your shopping cart.

  1. Populate your shopping cart through our embed SDK

Note: For this method to work, you must configure "Redirection (HTTP GET)" in your channel settings.

The URL you specify to receive the cart content must include our embed JavaScript SDK. You can then use our embed SDK to load the URL parameters, and populate your cart using client-side JavaScript. Please see the sample code below.

Embed SDK: Checkout flow from the Player Widget

Embed SDK: Checkout flow when accessing the player using a direct link

Need help? Contact our support team or write us at support@fluxpanda.com